John Lewis Ultimate Winter Snow Goose Down Pillow review

John Lewis Ultimate Snow Goose Down pillow review Not currently available
£200 at John Lewis
Final Thoughts

This is the softest, most luxurious pillow I've ever tried. Expensive? Yes, but I've totally fallen in love with it.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Ross

Note:  No longer available.   This is a fantastic alternative – John Lewis British Goose Down Pillow  – read our 5* review here


Ok, so I’ve been asked by a lot of people to take a new look at this pillow. Let’s get it out of the way now, yes this is an expensive pillow. Not the most expensive we’ve tried mind you, but it’s safe to say that this pillow is not cheap. There, now I can get on with the review.h no sign of any filling egress or even any down fibres in the packaging. Like me, the first thing I’m sure everyone does with this pillow is to give it a squeeze, that’s when you realise where the money goes; it’s awesomely soft, like how I’d imagine hugging a cloud to be, but it quickly springs back into shape beautifully, like it’s being inflated with an air hose.


As soon as I get it out, this pillow oozes quality. It’s a very well-made pillow of standard size, with a well stitched and soft cover, witMade from the thickest arctic Russian snow-goose down, I think I’ll be reluctant to test any other pillows this winter. It raises a smile every time I use this pillow as I gently sink into it and feel it carefully hugging my head. It’s a very comfortable feeling and I’ve had several good nights’ sleep with it over a couple of weeks. Give it a daily shake and it shouldn’t lose any of its definition despite having had plenty of abuse by myself and the kids (who wanted to try it too).

On its own this pillow is probably best for back sleepers, it doesn’t lift your head as much as firmer pillows. Because I like a bit of support, I’ve used this lovely pillow on top of a standard medium-density microfibre pillow, this provided just the right elevation for my normal side-sleeping style. But, for ultimate luxury I’d really like to try two or even three of these down pillows all at once, that would be very, very cool indeed, maybe Santa will bring me another one for Christmas.

If you can stretch to the asking price then do yourself a favour and get this pillow, what price do you put on luxuriously comfortable sleep?

The Winter Snow Goose lives in the remote glacial Altai mountain region in Russia. The large down clusters selected for this soft, light pillow is from the thickest of its 3 winter coats.

  • The outer case is 100% cotton.
  • Standard pillow 50cm x 75cm
  • Filling: Natural (Goose down, Russian mountain goose down to be exact!)
  • Washing instructions Professional laundering wet clean only at 40°C
Not currently available