John Lewis Microfibre & Memory Foam Pillow review

John Lewis Microfibre & Memory Foam Pillow review Not currently available
£40 at John Lewis
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Susie

November 2017: no longer available.   

Try the  M&S Memory Microfibre pillow instead –  review here


If you’re keen on trying a memory foam pillow but want something that is a little softer than the conventional dense, firm foam, try this one.

It is a combination of microfibre and memory foam so provides more support than synthetic or down pillows but more quickly returns to its original shape and doesn’t squash down as much as many cheaper-end memory foam pillows do.  It’s a good height and not too firm to be uncomfortable.  You’ll need to give it a couple of days for that oh-so-gorgeous memory foam smell to disappear but once it does it should give you a very comfortable night’s sleep with your neck and head better supported too.

It tends to be a bit of a ‘love it or hate it’ scenario with memory foam so this pillow might be the perfect solution if you are not entirely in love with them or you want to try out memory foam without going the whole hog.  Personally, I like the fact it’s got some of the support benefits – it doesn’t go flat at 2am and require punching, but is still a little gentler and lighter than the pure memory-foam choices.  It’s brilliant for those less decisive (or purist) pillow buyers out there – possibly the best of both worlds and a very reasonable mid-range price too.

Filling is memory foam and microfibre; cover 100% cotton and machine-washable  (48 x 74cm)

Not currently available