Jasper Conran – ‘Supremely Soft’ Duck Down Pillow review

Jasper-Conran-'Supremely-Soft'-Duck-Down-Pillow-review Not currently available
£50 at Debenhams
Final Thoughts

Washable and soft but buy the Goose Down pillow from Soak and Sleep instead - more down and less smell.

Overall Score 3
Reviewed by: Mark

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE:  Take a look at the Snow Goose Down Pillow from Soak and Sleep – it’s a great alternative with 80% down filling and a top quality boxed piped edge to keep it full.

This pillow is one of the more expensive pillows at Debenhams and you can tell why.  It is a lovely, soft and fluffy duck down pillow. Unlike many we have come across it’s filling is English duck down.  It feels well made, with a down proof cotton cover. However, the name is slightly misleading as this pillow is not 100% down but actually a 70 % down, 30% feather mix.  If you prefer a down pillow, I wouldn’t be too put off by this as I couldn’t feel the feathers in it, nor did it have the crunch or grey effect that you can get with feather pillows.  One other thing to note is that at first I felt that this pillow was well stuffed, however it did start to feel a bit thin over time.  I would certainly recommend a second pillow with this one.

This pillow is ideal for a front sleeper.  Just remember to air it before use, as it did come with a slight odour (I have smelt far worse!).  There is a clear recommendation on the packaging to remind you and maybe use a little spritz of pillow mist too?

Ultimately, we’ve only given this 3 stars as there are better options out there.  The Soak and Sleep Hungarian Down pillow is a much better buy. One of our favourite pillows of all time – at just £10 more it is 90% goose down, no smells and in our opinion fabulous value for money.



The pillow is machine washable and even suitable for a tumble drying.  

Soft support

Inner composition: 70% English duck down, 30% English duck feather

Outer composition: 100% down proof cotton with 280 thread count

Not currently available