Dreamgenii Lite pregnancy pillow review

Dreamgenii lite pregnancy pillow review Not currently available
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Final Thoughts

A great travel pillow, but if you’re having hip or leg problems, you’re better off with the full Dreamgenii Maternity Support Pillow

Overall Score 3.5
Reviewed by: Susannah

NOTE :  No longer available so go for the more supportive, full pillow  Dreamgenii Maternity Support Pillow , or the super-soft Kally Body Pillow instead.


There a quite a few support pillows that promise to offer a good night’s sleep, whilst supporting your bump, but not all live up to their billing, which is why the Dreamgenii pillows are in high demand, even though they’re a bit pricey. The alternative to paying £45 for the wholly supportive Dreamgenii Maternity Support Pillow, is to go for this, the Dreamgenii Lite, which promises bump support without the larger price tag.

Billed as a travel alternative to the full pillow, this consists of a simple hypo-allergenic pillow with a ridge at either side to offer you some bump support, whichever side you lie on. It comes in a lot cheaper than the full Dreamgenii at £24.99, and still prevents you from rolling onto your back. It’s obviously a lot smaller too, which means if you’re travelling somewhere with a smaller bed than you’re used to, it’s a good solution. It also leaves more space in your suitcase for shoes, which I found extremely helpful!

The only issue for me was that, whilst the Lite version offers really good bump support, it didn’t solve my pregnancy hip and leg issues, and I much preferred the fully supportive option. Of course if you’re just in need of some support for your bump, this is very cost effective for the support it provides.


Not currently available