Dorma Full Forever V-shaped pillow review

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£16 at Dunelm
Final Thoughts

A 5* great value, V shape pillow, that is suitably plump and comfortable.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Susannah

One of the issues I have with V-shaped pillows is that they’re too squishy.  I mean, the point of buying a V-shaped pillow surely, is that it props you up in bed and supports you properly.   You can read, work, digest properly or nurse effectively if you have a full, supportive V-shaped pillow. You’d think that manufacturers would take that as given when making these pillows but trust me, I have had a number of V-shaped pillows that are really disappointing and I’ve ended up having to put extra pillows under the bottom, and a cushion under the top of the V; or else move them and plump them up every 5 minutes as the pillow gets softer and floppier.  Not what you want to be doing when you’re reading, or sleeping.

Gone are all my worries with this pillow.  It’s really plump, very supportive and also still soft.  I can sit up in bed and read with my toddler. My dad (who has gastric reflux) has tried it and also given it the thumbs up as the best V-shape pillow he’s tried – I’m ordering another one whilst the sale is on.

It’s currently £12.80 at Dunelm which is extraordinary value in my opinion(100% cotton cover with tight 230 thread cotton which is a good anti- dust-mite quality, AND a piped-edge finish). It is also machine washable, although I haven’t tried washing it yet.  

Even at the full price of £16 – it’s one of the very best pillows of its type on the market and as far as the two of us go (three if you count my little boy), it’s a brilliant buy.

I’m raving on but it’s a great pillow and if you want a supportive v-shaped pillow, get it.   

Specification:  Cover: 100% cotton, Filling: 100% polyester hollowfibre


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