Brinkhaus Luxury Twin Pillow review

brinkhaus-luxury-twin-pillow review Not currently available
139 at House of Fraser
Final Thoughts

My pillow of the month : A true luxury 2 in 1 pillow suitable for everyone (possibly ?!).

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

Sadly, we can’t get hold of this pillow right now – we’ll update this page if it comes back on sale.


This fantastic pillow offers the comfort and softness of a luxury down pillow with great support. Its ingenious 2 in 1 pillow concept will suit most sleepers.  It has two different fillings – one half is filled with a gorgeously soft goose down that you sink into, although not so far that it is unsupportive.  The other half is a goose down and feather mix.  This side is firmer and so I used it when reading in bed and then flipped the pillow to go to sleep. Perfect!  The two halves are completely separated by a central layer of cotton which acts like a hammock but you cannot feel this at all.


Brinkhaus Luxury Twin Pillow compositionThe pillow is nice and deep too so I found I didn’t need a second pillow, which I usually would with down.  As I didn’t have to buy 2 pillows, I felt I was getting better value for money as this pillow isn’t cheap. Nor will you need a  pillow protector as it is downproof and medicott treated. I have been reliably informed (by an extremely knowledgeable House of Fraser employee- thanks Wendy) that this means that the pillow’s cotton casing has undergone a mechanical (not chemical) medicott® treatment to prevent any possible fungal attack.


Brinkhaus feather and down products are also encased in very tightly woven cotton, which is impermeable to dust mites so this is a really great luxury option for allergy sufferers. As this pillow gives 2 options in 1, this would work especially well in a guest room pillow as your guests just need to flip it.  That said I’m keeping mine in the master bedroom!


If you have the budget and haven’t tried Brinkhaus’ luxury pillows before, I would strongly recommend you give this pillow a try.  From the exceptional quality Egyptian cotton cover to the satin piping, they are pure luxury.  Comes in a Standard and a King size.


Not currently available