Snuggledown Luxurious Hotel pillow pair review

snuggledown luxury hotel pillows review Not currently available
£25 at Debenhams
Final Thoughts

Soft and silky at a good price but will they last? Not as good as the John Lewis, or Debenhams pillows.

Overall Score 3
Reviewed by: Jo

NOTE:  Currently out of stock.  Try one of our favourite microfibre pillow with hotel pillow quality:   John Lewis Breathe pillow  


Two things attracted me to this pillow pair, the price, which was great value in the Debenhams half price sale (look out for these), and the word ‘hotel’. Hotels are all about luxury, right?!

At first touch they felt lovely and soft, not quite at the top end of the luxury scale but not bad at all for £25. The filling was evenly spread and felt bouncy and nicely supportive. One slight negative was that it wasn’t quite pushed into the corners which was a little bit disappointing.    

My big concern with these pillows is whether they will last the course and stay in shape. You would imagine with hotel pillows, they should last but so often the better value polyester pillows quickly start to become lumpy. Unfortunately, my initial instincts are that these are not dissimilar.  Maybe I’m being a bit presumptuous and I will give them a chance to prove me wrong!

I would recommend using these pillows in a guest room as I think they are best suited for occasional use. There’s no doubt that they do have a lovely, silky soft feel and are currently on offer for a great price but to be honest here are better microfibre pillows out there – see our ‘Best Pillows Top Ten’ list. 



Inner composition: 100% silky soft polyester fibres

Outer cover composition: 100% polyester

Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying

Pillow: 48 x 74cm


NOTE:  Currently out of stock.  Try our favourite microfibre pillow with hotel pillow quality:   John Lewis Breathe pillow  

Not currently available