This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray review

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Final Thoughts

'It does work!' A nice product which we found helped us fall asleep.

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Charlotte

Described on some websites as a ‘global sensation’, I felt compelled to buy this product as neither my partner nor I find it easy to drop off.  Also with a name like ‘This Works’, it’s asking to be tried and tested!

Presented in a white plastic bottle with simple text, it looks clean and almost medical which may appeal more to those desperate to cure insomnia rather than those looking purely for a nicely scented bedroom.   It smells nice though, quite a strong lavender scent that reminds me of lavender bags (may be not for everyone).  With just a liberal spray at bedtime, I found the smell slowly fades and is barely noticeable in the morning.  It’s less pungent ingredients are vetivert and wild camomile both known for their calming properties.

I genuinely believe that this has worked for me. I have been falling asleep pretty quickly and reading far less at bedtime than I used to.  What I am yet to experience is waking up feeling completely refreshed. I have had the bottle for a couple of months and there is plenty left, so although £18 is a slightly higher price than similar products, the bottle does last a long time.   

I would recommend you give it a try if you are looking for a natural way to help with sleep and you may find that it is fantastic value for money. After all what price can you put on a good nights sleep?

Available from John Lewis and also at  Marks and Spencer  .

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