The White Company Duck Feather Pillow review

The White Company Duck Feather Pillow review Buy it here
Final Thoughts

A nice, plump feather pillow that is good value and comes in 2 sizes.

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Susannah

There are so many new types of pillow coming to market now promising a great night’s sleep and using all sorts of materials. This is certainly a more traditional and familiar pillow.  This 100% duck feather pillow is well filled and well made, giving a plump and quite dense feeling.  It moulds to my head well and just needs a quick plumping up in the morning to ensure it is ready again for another good night’s sleep.  Like all feather pillows, you do experience a slight crackly noise when you move your head but the 100% cotton cover is well made and thick enough to ensure no feathers poke out. It also ensures that the pillow does not have the mottled grey effect often seen with poorer quality feather pillows.

I covered my pillow with the White Company’s Anti Allergy pillow protector which fitted well and gave a smoother surface adding to my sleeping experience.   I have the Standard pillow but this one is also available in the larger Super King size. I was delighted that their was no smell when I took it out of the packaging which to me suggests that the feathers have been sufficiently washed.  

The label provides easy to follow washing instructions – it is machine washable and even OK to pop in the tumble dryer on a low setting but for best results they recommend that this pillow is professionally laundered.  Further benefits of this pillow is that it is NOMITE and Downafresh accredited which makes it a good hygienic natural option, which offers protection from dust mites and has also been tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-tex 100 standards.

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