Tempur Symphony Supersoft Hybrid Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

If you want supportive memory foam, this is an excellent pillow just not as soft as it suggests.

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Ross

Note:  March 2019 – Reduced by £40 since we last looked 🙂   For years it’s been on Amazon at £139  – but is now reduced to £99.  Definitely worth considering.


Now this is an interesting idea…

The Tempur symphony pillow has one side with Tempur memory foam, and the other with a more traditional synthetic filling.  Now, while I have a memory foam mattress, and certainly find that it is great for a deep and undisturbed sleep, I have never got on so well with Tempur pillows. This seems an interesting compromise, with a softer support on the memory foam side, and what can best be described as a firm level of support on the other side.  Surprisingly though, it really does work.  The Tempur-side is far more forgiving when I first lay down my head, and it quickly fits to my head and neck.

It is heavy though, and if you enjoy turning your pillow over in the night, then it can come as quite a shock at first.  Overall, it gets a 4 star rating from me, an ideal pillow for those needing a supportive pillow.

Specs for the Symphony pillow:

The Symphony pillow is made from super-soft Tempur® material that provides extra comfort, yet supports your head and neck in any sleeping position. Symphony has a traditional shape, designed to reduce he pressure that can restrict blood flow, cause pain, and disturb sleep.

  • Can be used on either side – one side has additional support and the other side feels more like a traditional pillow.
  • Dimensions  H63 x W43 x D14 cm
  • Filling  Synthetic
  • Material  Visco Elastic, with 70% cotton, 30% polyester outer cover
  • Washing instructions  Cover machine washable at 60°C



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