Skip Hop Neck Rest Travel Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

Cute, safe, supportive and practical - the best kids' travel pillow we've found.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Susie

Any parent who has been in the situation of trying to prop up their sleeping child’s head when travelling in the fast lane of the motorway will understand the need for this pillow.   Car seats just don’t seem to contain my sleeping child’s head. 

No more illegal and rather risky parental gymnastics climbing over the armrests to get in the backseat (please say that’s not just me?).  No more Mr Tickle-style, pins-and-needles-inducing long arm acrobatics.  This little pillow does the trick: it stops rolling heads, painful necks and hopefully gives your toddler a better nap, and you a bit of much-needed peace and quiet. skip hop travel pillow car seat

Colourful and cheery, the nicest things about this travel pillow of course are that it’s very soft and rather cute.  Recommended for children aged around 2 – 5, it’s one that they’re happy to hold and maybe even chatter to as they’re drifting off to sleep.

It’s got a polyester filling and a soft velvet / velour type covering, there’s no micro-beads in this pillow (bad for the environment) and we’ve been assured it’s been made with no nasty BPA or Phthalate chemicals in it either.

Useful for plane journeys, but particularly for that gap between your toddler’s head and the car seat headrests, this is a great little present for any little one – and their parents. 

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