Marks and Spencer Memory Microfibre Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

A comfortable, well priced memory foam pillow but not one that will last forever.

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Mark

Plucked from the mid priced selection of Marks & Spencer pillows, this memory microfibre pillow delivers a medium soft, supportive experience. As reflected by the price, it’s a basic but well made product with a well-proportioned polyester filling and neat, double stitched cotton cover. Once out of the zip up carrier case packaging it is noticeably odourless and quickly passes the cuddle test. Soft to the touch, it definitely responds as a memory pillow should do and, at first, bounces back into place reasonably quickly.

On the downside, I’m not convinced about the pillow’s longevity potential. Whilst memory pillows are supposed to complement the shape of your head and neck, I felt that the filling eventually moulded a little too readily and lost shape a bit too quickly and easily.  After a few weeks usage, the pillow had visibly dipped in the middle and, although it could be manoeuvred back into position, the filling was left feeling a little lumpy and uneven.

On the comfort and support side I certainly didn’t have any complaints and would recommend the pillow. However, as it did lose shape after a while, it’s perhaps best suited to a guest room where it won’t get used as often as in your own bed.


Medium Support

100% Polyester filling

233 thread count cotton cover



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