Homescapes Duck Feather Pillow, pair, review

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Final Thoughts

Cheap but not very comfortable. Good value if you're after a pure feather pillow but not our softest choice.

Overall Score 3
Reviewed by: Ross

Personally, feather pillows have never really done it for me.  I find that quite quickly the feathers begin to poke out of the cover and sooner or later you find yourself continually picking feathers out of the bed.  So, the key feature that appeals to me on this pillow is the fact that the dust-mite proof fabric supposedly keeps the feathers in.

Well I haven’t had these on long term test but initially at least it seems that the feathers are kept safely inside the pillow.  At the end of the day (lol!) this feather pillow seems to offer so much less comfort than equivalent microfibre pillows in terms of softness and bounce, but if feather pillows are your thing, then these are pretty good value all the same.

  • A Pair of Duck Feather pillows, Size: 48X74cm (19″x 29″), Full Standard UK Pillow Size.
  • 100% New White Duck Feather Filling, Full 900gsm Fill Weight (Homescapes only use Special Grade Small WHOLE Feathers that are all less than 6cm and NOT the cheaper much larger so called “CURLED” feathers as used by most other brands)
  • 100% cotton anti dust mite down proof fabric with double stitched edges (the feathers stay in and the dust mites stay out)
  • Can be Washed and Tumble Dried at Home please note as with all feather products they MUST be fully dried after washing preferably in a tumble drier on a low heat to restore their full loft and freshness. Homescapes are specialist of feather products and offer free assistance if required
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