Fogarty Lavender Scented Memory Foam Pillow review

Fogarty lavender scented memory foam pillow review Not currently available
£30 at Dunelm
Final Thoughts

A soft, supportive memory foam pillow at a good price but the scent is YUK!  Overwhelming and not controllable.

Overall Score 3
Reviewed by: Susannah

Update – March 2019, looks like Dunelm have discontinued this pillow (we’re not arguing with your decision, Dunelm!) 

 We’d recommend getting a better quality memory foam pillow: Eve, Simba, Casper, Otty, Tempur etc – see reviews here– and some nice pillow mist instead.


I liked the look of the Fogarty lavender scented memory foam pillow, as it seemed good value and I liked the idea that it could keep our bedroom smelling lovely.  However, If you’re a massive lavender addict then this may be the pillow for you, but if you want to be in control of your bed and your bedroom, just buy a good memory foam pillow and a lavender pillow spray.

‘Surround yourself with soothing lavender for a calming and blissful, relaxed sleep.  The serene scent lasts night after night and up to 20 washes.’

To be honest this pillow is not bad value for money – it’s a soft, and supportive feeling memory foam pillow which comes with its own quilted zip-up cover which looks and feels good quality.  For £30, that’s a pretty good start.

The problem for me, is its selling point – the lavender.  When you open the pack at first it’s overwhelming. It filled both nostrils in seconds and gave me a bit of a head-rush.  Cheap-thrills maybe but I’m not looking for those in the bedroom these days, I just need a good night’s sleep.

The lavender smell does fade a bit when you’ve taken it out of the bag but here comes the crunch, I just can’t cope with not being able to control the amount of lavender on the pillow.   Also, the lavender is absolutely all over the pillow. When I’ve added a few drops of essential oil onto my (washable) pillow cover before, I do how much I want and where I want.

In the middle of the night, when I’ve got off to sleep, I sometimes want to turn the pillow over and get away from the lavender smell.  Just a fresh-scented cotton smell after a few hours is often what we need.

With Fogarty’s lavender pillow, you can’t escape it.   The lavender finds you wherever you are resting, follows you whenever you move and leaves you stinking of lavender when you get up – every day.  If you don’t wash your hair every day, you’ll need to after a night on this pillow.

Ultimately, this is a good value memory foam pillow – just a shame about the lavender.  Avoid it unless you’re a lavender addict, in which case smell your heart out 🙂



Not currently available