Dreamgenii Maternity and Nursing Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

Overall Score 4
Reviewed by: Susannah

There are a great many issues with sleeping whilst pregnant, and whilst getting up several times a night, and baby’s kicking waking you up are problems that can’t really be solved, getting some much needed support for your bump at night can, as this pillow proves.

Claiming to offer you a shorter labour (hmmm… pretty hard to prove that one, but I’ll take the chance!), this hypo-allergenic pillow helps promote a comfortable night’s sleep, by providing a solution to some of the most pressing problems. Firstly, it provides some support for your bump when lying on your side, and feels supportive whilst still being soft. Secondly, if you suffer badly with hip pain through pregnancy, it provides some relief as you can lie with your leg on the curved part of the pillow. Thirdly, and this is the biggie if you’re concerned about rolling – the additional smaller pillow which rests against your back stops you rolling over.  This is great comfort to those of us who move around a lot at night. (Back sleeping, if you didn’t know, is something you shouldn’t be doing from the middle of your pregnancy so anything that keeps baby safer is something you’ll want to consider).Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support Pillow. labelled

Those of us who move around a lot will have another bonus with this pillow too – if you’re not a fan of having to pull your pillow around your bed all night, (although some of us use it as an excuse to “accidentally” wake our partner up so he can go and get us a drink!) you can simply turn over, user the smaller pillow for your bump rest, and pull the curved part through your legs from the back, which will still give you some support – magic!

The only issue I really have with this pillow is the price. £37 is pricier compared with some of the cheaper V-pillows on the market, especially one that doesn’t come with a cover, but having said that, I felt it was worth every penny to get a better night’s sleep.  It does only come in one size too, and as all pregnancy bellies differ, it may not provide support for everyone. Having said that, it’s worked for me twice, with two very different bumps.  I also used it as a breastfeeding pillow afterwards, so I feel I’ve had my money’s worth.


In short, if sleep during pregnancy is important to you, it may well be worth splashing the cash on a Dreamgenii.  If you don’t want the extra back cushion in bed with you then the ‘Kally Body Pillow‘ is the other pregnancy pillow we absolutely love for being soft and supportive (it’s plumper and softer than the Dreamgenii but doesn’t have the extra support pad).  Read the review here



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