Camping Pillow from Trekmates review

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Final Thoughts

Compact, lightweight, warm pillow great for stuffing in a rucksack or in the car. Or on longhaul flights.

Overall Score 4.5
Reviewed by: Susannah

The Deluxe Camping Pillow from Trekmates is available from Amazon at a pretty reasonable £7.50, and that includes postage and packing. A small price to pay then for a pillow that is designed to be taken on camping trips.

While it certainly doesnt count as full size at only 40cm by 30cm, it compresses down to be stored in its own drawstring bag to an impressively small package that will comfortably fit into a rucksack, or handluggage if necessary.  Not just for camping, it is a great way of taking a small pillow wherever you go, on longhaul flights for example.

Covered in a soft fleece, it can feel warm in the night, but in my camping experience, that is not bad thing.  So, definitely one to pack for any trip under canvas alongside the sleeping bag and blow up mattress. Highly recommended, and a bargain price indeed.

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