Bedtime Bliss Travel Pillow review

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Final Thoughts

A great travel companion for flights and long journeys - easy to inflate and deflate and folds up small.

Overall Score 5
Reviewed by: Charlotte

I bought the Bedtime Bliss travel pillow at the last minute just before flying to the US.  I had a busy schedule planned for my trip and wanted to make sure I got some sleep on the plane.  This neck pillow comes in a small extremely soft velour pouch which fitted in to my hand luggage but you may also be able to clip or tie it to another bag if you don’t have space. The pillow itself is covered in the same grey velour as the bag and so has a lovely soft feel.  Instructions are provided detailing how to inflate the pillow which thankfully I remembered to take with me as it wasn’t instantly obvious as to how to do it!

Once I had sussed it out, it really was incredibly simple.  It took 1-2mins and required no blowing in to it, just keep pushing / pumping the inflation pressing device (looks like a small ball under the cover).  Once inflated close the seal cover and the pillow is ready for use.

I over inflated my pillow at first and it was so plump, it felt hard but after letting a little air out, I was so pleased I had bought it.  It was far more comfy than cheaper travel pillows I had bought in the past and I managed to get a couple of hours sleep without falling on to my son next to me. There is also a tie at the front so you can secure the pillow, making sure it doesn’t fall off and wake you up. Deflating was also really straightforward – just open the seal cover press the air bleed button inside it and squeeze the air out before returning it to its mini storage bag.

I would definitely recommend this pillow for teens and adults (it may be too big for younger children) who are facing long journeys.  I now plan to order a couple more for the rest of my family.

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