4G Aircool Contour Memory Foam Pillow review

4G Aircool Contour Memory Foam Pillow from Memory Foam Warehouse review Buy it here
Final Thoughts

Pillow meets brick? A serious orthopaedic memory-foam pillow for those who like to sleep tough.

Overall Score 3
Reviewed by: Ross

Do not go gently into that good night.   Rage, rage against the dying of the light!

Ok, a  bit extreme I will grant you in terms of a pillow, but my point is that this is not a pillow to be taken lightly.  This is a serious pillow, a pillow that means business, a pillow that is not going to take any prisoners.  This pillow is not a Disney movie, it is a serious and emotional drama.  It may be exhausting to share a night with this pillow, but you will have learned something about yourself at the end.

At first, this is more like a brick than a pillow.  Now, let me begin by saying that my usual pillow selection is a White Company Microfibre pillow, and a Tempur Symphony Hybrid Memory Foam pillow.  This works for me, as I tend to sleep on my side, but will also move about, turn over my pillow go back to sleep.
So, first impressions were challenging to say the least.  My usual trick of waking, turning over and turning over my pillow to the lovely cool side, was just not going to happen.  This pillow works on one side and one side only. And the relationship that it has with your head is definitely non-negotiable.
So I tucked the pillow at the back, and relied on my lovely soft White Company pillow as “primary pillow”.  But then, gradually, I found myself starting to adopt a closer relationship with “the brick” as it affectionately became known.
Sometimes, it felt quite good to rest my head on the unforgiving solidity of this pillow.  Mostly though, to be honest, it didnt.
What it does do though is make you appreciate that a softer memory foam pillow can actually work well.  Sort of like a Donald Trump negotiating strategy, this will be the pillow that he puts in the Whitehouse guest suite for when Kim Jong-Un comes to stay.
So, in summary, a pretty extreme memory foam pillow.  It’s a little cheaper than its competition (currently £69 from Memory Foam Warehouse).  Some people will love it I am sure, some will tolerate it, and for some, it will at least help them to appreciate a softer side of life.
Sorry Memory Foam Warehouse, but if you’re after an orthopaedic contour pillow for neck support and to help with neck pain or shoulder pain – our recommendation is definitely the classic Tempur Original Queen pillow detailed review and buying guide here.
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